Measure, improve, engage.

Your customer experience management platform.

Measure satisfaction

Continuously improve

Develop a customer culture

Handle dissatisfactions

Improve your reputation

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4 key success factors

To ensure the success of your Voice-of-the-Customer program, Mediatech-cx allows you to:


Have a 360° vision of your customers

Centralise your survey feedback, opinions and data concerning your customers’ perceptions


Effectively exploit the Voice-of-the-Customer

Give all your teams the ability to drive and improve the NPS and customer satisfaction


Evolve with agility

Deploy a system that easily adapts to the varied and evolving needs of your teams


Maximise the business impact

Take advantage of our expertise to align your program to your business challenges and continuously optimise it

With Mediatech-cx…
your project goes into action(s)

#1 Capture and centralise the Voice-of-Customer


Mediatech-cx captures the customer’s genuine perception at the moments of truth

Mediatech-cx continuously adapts


Mediatech-cx automatically collects unsolicited ratings and reviews

Mediatech-cx enriches customer data and boosts your ability to take action.

Captured Data

Centralise existing customer data generated on all types of IT systems.

Correlate with collected customer feedback.

Inferred data

Calculate your customers’ probable satisfaction scores from their profiles and their journeys.

This insight allows you to limit the number of solicitations sent to your customers.

#2 Efficiently leverage the Voice-of-the-Customer

Manage satisfaction and the NPS

View your customer experience indicators on personalised real-time dashboards – NPS, customer satisfaction (CSAT), CES … – by market, by product…


Industrialize continuous improvements

Prioritise your actions and assess their impact using pivot tables, semantic analysis and influencing factor evaluations.


Nurture a customer culture

Give your employees access to real-time customer feedback, on the platform and via instant notifications.


Handle dissatisfactions

Define your strategy to re-contact dissatisfied customers, automate your actions and measure their impact.


Enhance your reputation

Share your customers’ comments on your website, review sites, etc. Boost your image and increase the click rates for your points of sale.


#3 Mediatech-cx helps you optimise your processes and get the best results

Turn detractors into promoters and transform your company’s managerial stance and customer culture by driving continuous improvements in customer journeys, processes, offers and services…

Keep up-to-date with Mediatech-cx !

Download our white papers and market guides

Best practices and recommendations for guaranteeing the efficiency and effectiveness of your Voice-of-the-Customer programs.

    Have a chat with a Mediatech-cx expert

    Technology is capable of addressing issues, challenges and objectives, but it still needs to be used appropriately.  Wherever you are at in your thinking, we can advise you on the best practices, based on business cases, for setting up a system that will meet your challenges.