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The entire Mediatech-cx team has one goal: to make your customer strategy successful. At your side, with you and for you.

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Our mission

Give your organisation the means to turn insights into actions.

Because companies are flooded with unused or under-exploited feedback, and since consumers want quick replies, Mediatech-cx has given itself a mission: to turn customer insights, whatever their nature and source, into actions. Operational levers to serve your strategy and your end customers.

Our Story

The Mediatech-cx adventure in 8 milestones


Launch of Instant Survey

The first platform from Mediatech-cx, Instant Survey carried out satisfaction surveys via SMS.


1st international customer

Mediatech-cx goes global with the signature of its first international customer. The start of a long list…


Instant eXperience® is born

Instant Survey makes way for Instant eXperience®, the quintessential multimedia analytics platform (SMS, email, web page, interactive voice server …), omni-channel, unifying and centralizing the Voice-of-the-Customer.


1st acquisition

Mediatech-cx completes the acquisition of Kalicustomer.


Email survey

A second string is added to Instant Survey’s bow, offering businesses the ability to run surveys via email.


Office in Barcelona

Opening of the Mediatech-cx office in Barcelona.


Branch in London

Opening of offices and a subsidiary in London.

We are proud to have been a partner of Mediatech-cx since its inception, and to have helped make it a leader in the customer experience market.

Pierre-Michel Deleglise

Financière Fonds Privés

Our Values

Collaborative, human, engaged

The effectiveness of our approach springs not only from our expertise, but also from our employees and the core values of our company.

Collective intelligence

We are committed to imagining and building solutions together, with our customers and within our company. Trust and an intelligent confrontation of ideas give birth to the best of all worlds!

A human commitment

Nous mettons un point d’honneur à exercer notre métier avec passion, conviction, et dans le respect de chacun. Car l’expérience client est une aventure humaine avant tout !

A taste for excellence

With a collective and human spirit we always strive for excellence and results that meet your expectations, and beyond!

One of my greatest satisfactions is to see, every day, that our core values are appreciated by our customers, partners and analysts… as witnessed by the recognition and trust they place in us.

Hervé Cébula

Chief Executive Officer
& Founder

The place to be :
All in Mediatech-cx

The commitment of our teams guarantees the success of our customers’ projects.  With our employees we have defined 6 founding principles:


Commit to the project

Believe in our vision, our colleagues and our leadership.


Take initiatives

Each one of us should surpass ourselves, propose ideas and be bold!


Work together

Win as a team and help each other. Our motto: “All for one, one for all!”



Make it a point of honour to fulfil our commitments, with respect for everybody


Aim for excellence

Always seek excellence, in our solutions and our behaviour, for the success to our customers’ projects



Strive every day to make our employees proud of their success, of our success.

Board of Directors

Hervé Cebula

CEO & Founder

Thierry Aubert

Chief Operating Officer

Bertrand Folliet

Founder of Entrepreneur Venture

Arnaud De Lacoste

Independent Administrator

Pierre-Michel Deleglise

Financière Fonds Privés