Customer centricity accelerator

For more than 10 years, Mediatech-cx has actively contributed to the body of knowledge surrounding customer experience management. Learn more about the vision and dynamic that make Mediatech-cx an essential thought leader in a subject area that has become vital to brand development.


A top customer experience management solution

Customer-centricity is a key challenge for complex organizations because it is the linchpin of a memorable customer experience. Brands and their employees, from the corporate office to the boots on the ground, need a solution that allows them to convert the customer insights captured along their journeys into meaningful actions.

Mediatech-cx, a leader in feedback management and Voice of the Customer, was created for that very reason. The company stands out from the pack thanks to:

  • its combination of a powerful, flexible platform and anytime support,
  • the equal attention given to employees and customers, and
  • a people-driven culture focused on cooperation and excellence.


With the Mediatech-cx platform, clients can:

  • collect and organize customer insights (surveys, reviews, production data, etc.) into a unified view,
  • define and deploy action plans on the ground,
  • coach employees based on customer feedback,
  • (re-)engage customers, and
  • showcase reviews and indicators externally.


… with two benefits:

  • continuously improve the customer experience to maximize satisfaction, brand reputation and profitability, and
  • engage employees through a customer-centric, positive management approach.



Major brands such as Air France-KLM, Nespresso, Malakoff Humanis, BNP Paribas Cardif, Engie and EDF all place their trust in Mediatech-cx on a daily basis. Mediatech-cx has offices in Paris and Lille. Its platform is used in 40 countries.


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