Voice of the customer

Voice of the customer
Voice of the Customer programs give businesses the power to understand and improve the experience they create for their customers.  

What is Voice of the Customer?

Setting up a Voice of the Customer platform is the tangible manifestation of a commitment to developing and promoting customer-centricity in the organization, ensuring every employee shares the same customer satisfaction values. There are many benefits for the organization:
  • Uncover the reasons underlying the customer feedback received
  • Identify the needs, wants and challenges of customers and prioritize them
  • Understand how customers perceive and respond to the company’s products and services
  • Determine which brand promises are kept or broken by the organization
  • Leverage all this information to inform the way the brand offer is developed and refined

What is the role of Voice of the Customer?

Traditionally, “voting with your wallet” has stood in for Voice of the Customer within businesses. What customers buy is a clear, but not particularly nuanced, way of seeing what works and what does not in a company. But it is an (overly) simple form of feedback: for example, “voting with your wallet” does not pinpoint where the company could improve or whether people are buying in spite of their dissatisfaction, in the hopes that a competitor will emerge. Listening to the Voice of the Customer in an organization and understanding what customers have experienced, both quantitatively and qualitatively, brings a lot more value added. The Voice of the Customer is also vital to truly understanding customer purchase journey. This is all the more critical given that customers interact differently with the organization because each customer buys different products and services and has different experiences after their purchase. Rather than focusing on just one of those points, Voice of the Customer embraces the big picture, homing in on key stages in the customer journey individually and analyzing customer journeys on the whole, regardless of the channel used or product or service purchased.  

How does a Voice of the Customer program work?

Historically, the Voice of the Customer could be captured through a variety of methods, including interviews, discussion groups and ethnographic studies. In the early 2000s, the internet opened a whole new realm of possibilities: Voice of the Customer programs can now be carried out on a far larger scale than ever before. No more sample sets: now it is possible to talk with each of your customers by collecting and analyzing customer feedback gleaned from emails, internet interaction, text messages, in-app actions, messaging services, social media and more.

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