Guaranteed success for your customer experience management project

Mediatech-cx offers a solution that captures and analyses customer perceptions from all possible sources: surveys, reviews, existing data and calculated data, etc… By deploying it together with our team of Client Success Managers you enjoy the benefit of our accumulated expertise: over the past 8 years, Mediatech-cx has successfully rolled out more than 100 Voice-of-Customer projects at 80 companies in 40 countries and almost as many languages. The performance of our platform and the quality of our support, working alongside your organisation to meet your challenges, ensure a rapid and lasting success for your Voice-of-Customer project.

Your goals come first

A successful Voice-of-Customer project begins with a clear definition of your goals and your capacity, especially operational, to push back the boundaries. No matter whether your challenges are strategic or operational, we help you overcome them as quickly and smoothly as possible to speedily benefit from a tangible R.O.I..

The Mediatech-cx platform

Simplicity, performance and agility: the ease of getting up to speed on the platform and its wealth of functionality will boost your entire organisation’s capacity to impact your customers’ experiences in real-time. Its flexibility makes it easy to implement modifications (questionnaires, reporting, alerts, etc.) imposed by changes in your operational objectives.

Mediatech-cx expertise: a proven methodology that adapts to your organisation

Proven in practice on over 100 Voice-of-Customer programs, our project management methodology adapts to your goals, to your challenges and also to your constraints. At each step you can rely on the expertise of our teams (Data Scientist, Customer Success Manager, business experts …) and our experience acquired in different business sectors to ensure that your Voice-of-Customer project will meet with the success you expect.

A word from our team

Thierry Aubert

Chief Operations Officer

Thanks to the experience gained during the deployment of more than 100 Feedback Management projects, MediaTech has developed a methodology that guarantees the alignment of your strategic objectives and available operational levers with the implementation of our solution.

Giovanni Veilleur

Head of Customers Success

Our Customer Success team is always in contact to continually adapt the platform to your needs/issues. It is one of our strengths that nurture the trust of our customers, who reward us with their renewed loyalty year after year.

Benjamin Alquier

Product Management Director

A third of our product roadmap is derived from development requests submitted by our customers, thus ensuring that we stay in tune with their needs.

Jean-Marc Piatek

Sales Director

100% of the pilot projects that we started with our customers have been transformed into full deployments. This is a clear sign that our project team can quickly install our platform and that it delivers its promises.