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The power of our unified, customisable and flexible Voice-of-Customer platform enables you to reach all your objectives

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    How does it work?





    • Design and manage your surveys easily, over any media (email, web, sms, phone, QR code …).
    • Gather customer reviews from the web and social networks (Google, Facebook, Trip Advisor …).
    • Integrate customer insights from your information systems (CRM, telephony …) and those reported by your employees.
    • Centralize all your customer insights on a single platform.


    • Use the technologies integrated in our platform to transform raw and unstructured data (verbatim, comments, messages) into structured material.
    • Transcription (speech to text).
    • Translation (any language to any language).
    • Semantic analysis and sentiment analysis


    • Leverage multidimensional analyses, as well as artificial intelligence integrated in the semantic and influence analyses (driver analysis) to identify the most urgent items needing improvement.
    • Use Mediatech-cx to manage your action plans directly and facilitate sharing and collaboration.
    • Monitor the impact of your improvements through the evolution of your indicators and customer verbatims.




    Manage and broadcast feedback

    • Manage the customer experience with your own view (markets, products, journeys, service providers, consultants …) using our user-customisable dashboards and real-time reports. Share them with your teams and colleagues in 1 click.
    • Use personalised automatic notifications, not only to alert but also to congratulate and encourage.
    • Disseminate key customer experience indicators and selected customer insights within your organisation (Intranet, digital walls …).

    Engage with your customers and employees

    • Trigger customer response actions automatically according to your choice of criteria, mixing quantity and quality.
    • Deploy a customisable workflow throughout your organisation to efficiently process and monitor response actions.
    • Enrich “first contact” customer insights with those collected during subsequent interactions.
    • Steadily improve your responses by continually measuring their impact.


    • Communicate your key customer experience indicators and selected customer insights – on your website, on your mobile app, on your invoices…
    • Publish customer insights on third-party platforms visited by your prospects (Google, Facebook, Trip Advisor …).
    • Make use of automatic moderation of online reviews and customer comments for effective publicity whilst complying with the regulations (GDPR).

    The Mediatech-cx platform

    The Mediatech-cx platform enables all companies to empower their teams with the ability to truly improve the customer experience. 

    Mediatech-cx Open Edition

    Flexible & Configurable
    Power for big projects
    • Configurable by the customer
    • For operational and power users
    • For complex deployments

    Mediatech-cx Turnkey Edition

    Ease of use for operational staff
    • Configured by Mediatech-cx
    • For operational users only
    • For simpler deployments

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