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There is a Mediatech-cx solution for each of your business needs

A successful Voice of the Customer program begins with clearly defined objectives and the operational capacity to make changes. Whether you have strategic or operational goals, we help you meet them as quickly and seamlessly as possible. You will get a tangible ROI in a short turnaround time.
Business needs

Meet your strategic and operational goals

We help you define and reach your goals, for a successful Voice-of-the-Customer project.

Your strategic needs: what is your priority?

Boost your sales by building customer loyalty
Business needs Satisfied customers have higher average transaction totals. It pays to take care of your customers and build their loyalty because it ultimately drives your growth. A happy customer will visit your stores or branches more and will consume more of your products and services more frequently. I want to improve customer engagement
Lower your customer service costs
Business needs A smooth customer experience and satisfied customers are synonymous with reduced customer service costs. Customer service often comes at a price: your employees’ time, multiple calls and contacts, the loss of dissatisfied customers and more. I want to improve my processes
Enhance your brand image
Business needs Crafting a brand image is not just about creating a nice logo and selling a good product or service. The most important part of brand image is the relationship you forge with your customers and your transparency in dealings with them. Brand image is also about sharing positive reviews. I want to improve my reputation
Develop an authentic customer culture
Business needs Using customer relations tools alone will not magically create a good customer experience. You must instill a customer-centric culture in your employees so that each of them becomes an ambassador for your customer relations policy. I want to develop positive management

Which operational need should you tackle first?

Business needs

Measure, manage and improve key moments in the customer journey

If you want to improve your customer journey, you need to understand and rethink each stage. That takes constant effort and precise methods ‒ especially to detect and eliminate sticking points.

I want to learn the keys to a flawless customer journey

Transform your processes and services with an agile approach

When it comes to customer relations, responsiveness is critical. Whether they have a complaint, a request for additional information or any other inquiry, your customers expect a prompt response.

I want to develop an agile organization

Business needs
Business needs

Prioritize corrective actions to implement

With an effective feedback management program, you have the potential to generate a long list of corrective actions to improve the customer experience. The Mediatech-cx platform helps you prioritize those possible actions by clearly showing you where a targeted effort will have the most impact on any given metric (CSAT, NPS, CES).

I want to easily prioritize


Explain and secure buy-in from your managers/employees

You need to send regular reports to your management chain to explain variances between units (countries, regions, networks, periods, etc.), but you don’t have time… Mediatech-cx makes it fast! Just select what you want to compare and, in just a few seconds, generate a direct analysis to explain discrepancies.

I want to explain and persuade

Business needs
Business needs

Develop positive management

Build team spirit by recognizing your employees and sharing strong reviews and comments from happy customers.

I want happy employees


Convert your dissatisfied customers into brand ambassadors

A dissatisfied customer is full of intense feelings, but you can transform that emotion from negative to ultra-positive. You can capitalize on these strong emotions to turn your detractors into brand promoters. Reach out to them and start a dialogue and put them on the path to excellence. If you want your employees to make changes based on the factors that influence your customers’ feelings, you have to give them feedback in real time.

I want customer-ambassadors

Business needs
Business needs

Optimize the way you handle complaints

Successfully managing the customer experience with fast, effective responses to customer complaints is how you save human and financial resources. The secret to optimizing your efforts is to efficiently automate low value-added tasks so your employees can stay focused on customer relations. That is how you cultivate excellence on your customer service team while also making it more economical.

I want to manage complaints better


Recover “non-converted” customers

Why do would-be customers abandon their shopping carts? When you know the answer, you can win them back before it’s too late. Nothing could be simpler with the Mediatech-cx platform.

I want to recover cart abandoners

Business needs
Business needs

Define customer profiles (personas)

Your marketing initiatives will be more impactful when they are linked to a detailed customer segmentation. With the artificial intelligence that powers the Influence Analysis feature on the Mediatech-cx platform, you can drill down into customer profiles with a few clicks.

I want to create more specific customer segments


Improve your customer experience KPIs (NPS, CSAT, CES)

We know that the companies with the best customer experiences measure their customer satisfaction indicators on a very granular level. Getting the best results from your customer service team is not a matter of luck. It comes from monitoring and measuring progress in your areas of improvement with indicators adapted to each employee category (sales advisers, managers, directors, etc.) for optimum precision and performance.

I want to improve my KPIs

Business needs
Business needs

Measure the ROI of a VoC program

When you implement a Voice of the Customer project, we firmly believe you should thank the customers who took the time to reply to a satisfaction survey. Send them a thank-you email that includes a question about their future intent to buy. Just apply an algorithm and – voila – you have the ROI of your VoC program.

I want to measure my ROI


Boost the response rate for your surveys

Getting responses to your surveys is just the beginning. How about gaining a clearer, more nuanced vision of your customers along the overall customer journey or, of course, at specific moments? Aim high with well-honed expertise on crafting survey campaigns, from choosing the right channels and timing to processing and analyzing the results.

I want a better response rate

Business needs
Business needs

Optimize customer contact frequency

. In today’s highly digitalized world, consumers are bombarded with requests. Remember to assess customer pressure and avoid overwhelming them with satisfaction surveys.

I want to avoid over-solicitng customers


Collect and handle online reviews effectively

Reviews posted and shared online by internet users are a gold mine. But only if you learn how to capture, analyze and respond to them.

I want to leverage reviews

Business needs