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The all-in-one solution to transform your customer experience

Use the Mediatech-cx SaaS platform to manage your customer experience by keeping customer-centricity front and center. Customer feedback is instantly organized and disseminated throughout your organization. That means each team and each employee can take appropriate actions within a framework that promotes fact-based, positive management, by engaging employees with the Bravo Box.

Meet your strategic and operational goals

Convert customer insights into action, improve customer experience, boost business KPIs and develop customer culture.


to your customers

Design and run surveys on any channel: email, internet, text message, phone, QR code… Platform
Capture all the conversations (by e-mail, chat or phone) with your sales or customer service departments (because the Voice of the Customer lives there too!).
Gather customer reviews on the web and social media (Google, Facebook, Trip Advisor, etc.). Platform
Operational data
Collect data through your information systems (e.g. CRM, telecommunications) and from your employees Platform



Turn customer feedback into actionable information
  • Process comments, quotes, messages
  • Transcribe (speech to text)
  • Translate (from any language to any language)
  • Conduct semantic analysis, sentiment analysis and influence analysis (driver analysis) using artificial intelligence
Analyze and explain to persuade
  • Apply the Gap Analysis function to generate comparative reports.
  • Select the parameters to compare.
  • Automatically generate an analysis with direct results ‒ easily and instantly.
  • Explain variances.
  • Export graphs..
Share your customers' perceptions
  • Real-time dashboards and reports that can be customized by users.
  • Share reports with your teams and co-workers in a single click.
  • Personalize your automated notifications to receive alerts, but also to praise and encourage.
  • Disseminate your key indicators and customer experience insights within your organization (intranet, digital walls, etc.).
  • At all relevant levels of analysis: teams, individuals, markets, products, customer journeys, service providers, advisers, etc.
Prioritize the actions to take
  • Influence Analysis feature
  • Direct access to the criteria that raise or lower a score (CSAT, NPS, CES) to easily prioritize corrective actions.



Manage the customer experience
  • Track your action plans right in the platform to facilitate collaboration
  • Measure the impact of your improvements through changes in your indicators and customer comments
React immediately to customer dissatisfaction and customer needs
  • Optimize your responses to build loyalty, recover customers and nurture brand ambassadors.
  • Automate based on the criteria you choose to combine quantity and quality.
  • Enrich the initial feedback gathered with information gleaned during re-contact.
  • Measure the impact of your responses to continue improving them.
Continuously improve your offer, processes and customer focus
  • Analyze satisfaction/dissatisfaction contributing factors
  • Prioritize customer sticking points and corresponding action plans
  • Monitor the impact of your actions
Publish scores and reviews
  • On your media: website, mobile app, invoices, etc.
  • On third-party platforms used by your potential customers: Google, Facebook, Trip Advisor, etc.
  • Set up automatic moderation of customer reviews and comments to post while maintaining compliance with regulations (GDPR).
Optimize the targeting of your marketing initiatives
  • Improve your customer knowledge
  • Refine your targeting and enhance your customer segmentation
  • Optimize the performance of your campaigns and CRM programs


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