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An enduring, collaborative relationship that tracks with your needs

Over the course of our relationship, we are here to help you understand the many possibilities and features offered by Mediatech-cx. We do whatever it takes to ensure your team is well versed in our solution. The goal is to get everyone on board.

Our teams jump in on the ground floor of your project to help with set-up. We review and critique your needs in joint workshops to pinpoint the customer experience levers you should activate to meet your goals and tackle your business challenges. We harness the full range of our team’s expertise, including data scientists, customer success managers and business experts, to craft a continuous improvement plan and address your strategic and operational objectives.
Customer success management
A dedicated customer success manager is your point person throughout the project: from technical set-up to the delivery of initial results six months after kick-off. This is your partner in crime – or rather, in CX success! When your feedback management tool management goes live, you will have access to indicators to track the project’s success.
Workshops & training
We teach you to make the most of the platform. We can arrange training, individualized coaching for platform users, workshops featuring role playing and situational exercises, results analysis with the project manager to define action plans, speeches at conventions and more.
Internal coordination tools
We provide you with an arsenal of tools to get your employees to buy in to your customer experience program. Summaries; change management assistance; guidance on branding and modeling the approach internally; informative signs to display in shops, agencies or branches; short, fun and educational videos; and anything else you can think of!
Support & assistance
Our project managers are extremely responsive. We promise to follow up with you quickly whenever you contact us for advice or help with a technical issue.
Key learnings
Throughout your Voice of the Customer project, you will benefit from our past experiences with clients in myriad industries.

Project timeline: see results in a few weeks!

Each project is implemented according to a very specific methodology with proven results. There are seven key stages.


Our teams run a diagnostic of your current feedback management system to identify its strengths and weaknesses. Then, we assess how long it will take to upgrade to a system designed to meet your objectives and integrate seamlessly with your organization.

Strategic objectives

Together, we analyze your strategic objectives by order of priority. Improve the customer experience, recruit new customers, increase the average transaction, boost loyalty, cut costs… every goal has its own solution!

Operational levers

To meet your strategic objectives, we convert them into operational objectives. These are concrete actions you can take, such as deploying satisfaction indicators, handling dissatisfied customers on the spot or identifying key moments in the path to purchase.

Scope and granularity of the system

We identify the scope of action of your system. Are you focusing on a specific moment in the path to purchase? A particular target customer? What are the technical or operational constraints? We calibrate the tool to meet your needs.

Survey protocols

We define the most appropriate satisfaction survey protocol to capture the right insights so you can address your strategic challenges. Volume, indicators, questionnaires, media, analyses and actions, organization, need to analyze and share insights ‒ nothing escapes our attention!

Dissemination of data

Every piece of data collected is contextualized and disseminated to the right people in your organization. The databases can be extracted for more powerful applications.

Continuous improvement

Because your business needs are constantly evolving, our tool does too. For the duration of its deployment, we adjust the system based on your needs and objectives, in the spirit of continuous improvement.